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    SheChic Affiliate Program

    Welcome to our affiliate program page. We are offering you a chance to form long-term business partnerships with Shechic, an opportunity that you should not overlook! You don’t have to spend a dime,it's easy earn money, don't hesitate,join our affiliate program today.

    1.How we cooperate with you.

    You can get the points in different ways,as the following:

    No matter who you are,where you are,just click here and become a member of our website,you can earn 12% advertising fees.

    2.How to earn money.

    In fact you earn the Points when you referral someone join us and make order on our website.what's the Points? The Points one of the currency on our website,100 points = $1,you can use the points buy anything on Shechic. If you referral somebody,regardless of how much orders he place,you can get 12% of his total orders.It means once you referral someone,you can get the advertising fees from all the order he place,No Time Limit.It's amazing,right?Let's begin to earn money,follow me:

    • Step 1: Create a new account on

    create new account

    • Step 2: Login your account,get the referral url/code/email

    create new account

    • Step 3: Advert your the referral url/code/email on your fashion blog,website,facebook,twitter and so on.If you use referral url,anyone click your url and create an account on,you auto become his referral and get the advertising fees.We strong recommend you use the referral url to advert on your blog.But if you use referral code/email,be sure let your fans enter your code/email when they are create new user on

    create new account

    You can check your points by log in Shechic.More referrals,your earn more money.

    3.How to Advertise

    To increase your revenue,you should referral more people to join in SheChic by your referral url.Further more,you can choose more clothes to advertise to your customers,the more orders your customers made,the more points you earned.There is a little different between fashion-blog/website and facebook/twitter/pinterest,you should choose the right way to advertise:

    • Fashion-Blog/Website

      Just follow the steps above and put the banner(click here to get the banner) on the best place of your blog/website.
    • Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest

      Choose the clothes from SheChic and share to these site,edit the share information,make sure the share information must include your referral url.If you forget it,you can't get any points.

    4.Please register on first before doing anything else.

    Any questions,please contact We reserve all the rights.